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The Explorer is the only current model in the Rolex portfolio worth buying

By on 26 April 2010 in Watches

The Explorer is the only current model in the Rolex portfolio worth buying
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We’ve been concerned about Rolex for a while and haven’t been shy about saying it. The venerable brand that we have admired for so long is being slowly eroded by a series of vulgar styling decisions. Simply put: they desperately need to tone down the bling.

We’ve already reported on Rolex’s announcements from this year’s Baselworld show but it wasn’t until just now that it hit us: with the recent changes to the Submariner and GMT-Master II models, the Explorer is now the only Rolex we’d even consider slamming our hard-earned cash down for. And that, coming from prodigal fools like us, is a damning indictment of the state of Rolex’s current model range.

You think we’re exaggerating? Let’s have a closer look at the main models in the line-up.

The Submariner?

SubDateClose. But the new squared-case really doesn’t work for us and the polished centre-links on the bracelet together with the unpleasant new blue / green bezel and face combinations have robbed this mythical watch of its rightful appeal.

The Milgauss?

MilgaussThe original 1950s model is an oddity that has slowly earned its classic status. The current version? To our eyes, it’s nothing more than a cynical and rather vulgar attempt to wring some money out of Rolex’s history. Again, the polished centre-links are a problem but the green crystal and orange markings certainly don’t help.

The Yacht-Master?

Yacht-Master_IIYeah, we’ll pretend you didn’t ask. This monstrosity belongs in the back streets of Bangkok, not adorning the window of an authorised dealer. The one thing we’ll say about it is at least it’s not destroying the good memories of a previously great model. The Yacht-Master has been a tacky looking mongrel since it was born in 1992. Horrible.

The Deepsea?

DeepseaGood Lord, don’t get us started on this grotesque Leviathan again. We think we’ve covered in detail back in July 2008.

The GMT-Master II?

GMTIIClose. Very close. The new ceramic bezel is gorgeous, the new dial an evolution we can live with, and we could just about forgive the new green second time zone hand. But the polished centre-links and oversized case just tip it into the vulgar camp for us. We own and love a previous generation GMT-Master II (The Coke not the Pepsi if you’re wondering) and that model exudes relaxed style in a way the shiny, gauche new one can only aspire to. What a shame.

The Daytona?

Cosmograph DaytonaLook, we’re not going to lie, the Daytona is a tough watch to rubbish. It’s got huge appeal even in its current guise. The problem though is the enormous following it has developed and the impact that’s had on prices and fellow wearers. In many ways, it’s a victim of its own success. So, to our eyes , the Daytona has been too flashy and too expensive for some time now. Oh sure, offer us a 6263 or 6265 from the 1970s we’d bite your arm off for it any day but the current models just don’t have that discrete appeal any more. They’re all flash. And, unfortunately, they’re also the de facto choice for anyone with more money than watch knowledge. No, regretfully, not for us.

So, that leaves us with the new Explorer. And what a watch it is.

01_ExplorerWe’ve coveted an Explorer for years now. What self-respecting watch fan hasn’t? After all, this is perhaps the most important model in Rolex’s back-catalogue, the quintessential Rolex. It has all the ‘tool watch’ qualities without any of the bling. Nowadays, it’s the Daytona and the Submariner that get the bulk of the attention. But, lest we forget, it was the Explorer that scaled Everest. And it was the Explorer that was on Ian Fleming’s wrist as he knocked out 007’s adventures from his typewriter at Goldeneye. So, in many ways, it’s the only real Bond watch.

The Explorer is the Rolex tool watch par excellence. Nothing flashy, nothing more than pure utilitarian purpose to its looks. We absolutely love this watch.

The only problem has been the size of it. At 36 mm, it was just a little two small for our oafish wrists.

Not any more.


The new model has been up-scaled to 39 mm and that makes all the difference. Other slight changes include a matte face and the omission of any Chromolite on the numerals. This gives the latest Explorer a similar look to the famous ‘blacked-out’ models of the past. Very pleasing. The new model also gets an Oysterlock clasp with the Easylink comfort extension link.

Under the hood, a new COSC certified Calibre 3132 movement, with a Parachrom hairspring with Breguet overcoil and Paraflex shock absorbers. We don’t know what any of that means but it sounds serious.

Perhaps the best bit about the new Explorer though is what Rolex didn’t do. No crazy oversized case. No polished centre-links. No ludicrous colour combinations. No maxi-dial. The core values that first made us fall in love with Rolex sports watches are preserved: quiet purposeful restraint. We love it.


Of course we’re not forgetting that the Explorer has a younger brother, the Explorer II which is still in the portfolio as well. We sincerely hope that Rolex leaves it there untouched. Because, for different reasons, it too is a lovely watch. We’ll be posting about it tomorrow. Stay tuned.

In the meantime, no doubt about it, the new Explorer is a stunner. And we don’t say that lightly. Let’s put it another way: last week we called our authorised dealer and put our name down for a new Explorer when they come in, some time in Q4. There is no other model in Rolex’s current portfolio that would make us part with our own money.


The Explorer is the only current model in the Rolex portfolio worth buying

We’ve been concerned about Rolex for a while and haven’t been shy about saying it. The venerable brand that we have admired for so long is being slowly eroded by a series of vulgar styling decisions. Simply put: they desperately need to tone down the bling. We’ve already reported on Rolex’s announcements from this year’s […]

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  • Bill Smith

    Funny I agree the only Rolex models I am really interested in purchasing are the Explorer (II) and maybe the basic Datejust.

    In a desperate attempt to to update the image, I think the product management gurus inside Rolex damaged the look of a lot of classic models by “blinging them up”. People don’t buy a Rolex because they are cutting edge, they want a high quality timepiece that will last a lifetime.

    I can see why the vintage Rolex market is extremely healthy.

    • The Prodigal Fool

      Thanks for the comment Bill.

      You’re right about the vintage market and I suspect that when the current models hit that vintage market, they’re going to be dragging average prices down with them. They’re just not design classics the way their predecessors were.

      If you like the Explorer II, please stay tuned. Straight-Six will be posting about it tomorrow. We’re big fans too.

  • Speedmaster

    It’s certainly a timeless model. I would love a GMT-IIc one day, one of few watches that I think could be worn in just about every setting from black tie to SCUBA diving.

  • snabbmakaron

    But the new SS Sub does not have polished centre-links. Only the blue WG version pictured in your article does.

    • The Prodigal Fool

      Yes, you’re right about the Submariner. My mistake. Apologies.

      Having said that, if precedent is anything to go by, I would expect Rolex to harmonise the Submariner range fairly soon – and that means giving every version the polished centre links…

  • Straight-Six

    As a former owner of an Explorer, I couldn’t agree more with my esteemed fellow inmate.

    Few, if any, Rolexes on sale today can lay claim to being genuinely beguiling. The Explorer genuinely can. While The Prodigal Fool has rightfully focused on the tool-like qualities and discretion of the Explorer, I found that it was its incredible aesthetic balance of size, discretion, twinkle and richness that really set it apart.

    Yes, I do regret parting with my Explorer, despite the lovely vintage dames that took its place. And I remain very intrigued by the new version, certain that it’s larger size won’t pose a problem but slightly hesitant about the new matte gray dial perhaps taking away some of the delicious depth its predecessor so ably flaunted.

    Guess we’ll find out when The Prodigal Fool takes delivery of his!

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  • jennifer

    rubbish. i personally love the new line up. i own DSSD YMII GMTIIC SUB (116618) and DDII.

    • Straight-Six

      Congratulations, Jennifer: you’re a poster girl for Rolex’s current marketing and design departments. And trust you got a discount for the bulk-buy…:)

      We, however, would have to wear shades when being exposed to that dazzling watch collection of yours.

      • jennifer

        no special discount here in singapore because rolex specially those new models sells like hot cake! the most discount i got was 15% for the DDII. btw i love big watches. however, i do keep my expI&II and my daytonas and they are not for sale. those are classic and are real keepers just like my patekssss.

        • Straight-Six


          Do you feel that Rolex’s newer designs are aimed for a different kind of buyer than the previous offerings?

          In other words, have “global” tastes in watches changed in your opinion, and if so, why?

          BTW: it does sound as if you own the entire Rolex line-up! Quite a feat. Which Patek do you own then? And which Daytona model?

  • jennifer

    more details on my collection.. my husband and i owns pp5107, pp5140, pp5124, pp3730 and the most recent purchase pp5960 which i do wear from time to time. as for daytona i have 116520 both white and black dial plus a 116528. we together have eight pcs of GG and a couple of DRoth. some back dated to the late 80’s and 90’s.. frankly our collection is nothing compared to some of my friends who collect RDubis HWinstons RMille and i know some ONLY collect grand complications like the world famous singaporean collector Dr Bernard Cheong, his collections worth millionsss of dollar!

    personally i think rolex needs to evolve with the market demands. if rolex relies only on those die hard traditional buyers, then it can no longer survived because its original target market are aging rapidly and so it needs to evolve to accommodate the new target groups of consumer. the original written article presented here is very narrow minded and the choice of words used by the writer is a tad too harsh and unforgiving. i think he fails to look at rolex’s position in the world market and thus he cannot see why rolex need to change. i personally welcome all the changes rolex had made to its line up. it is a breath of fresh air for its loyal customers like myself. i at one stage has lost interest in rolex few years back till rolex introduce its all new GMTIIc has bring me back to rolex.

    so well done rolex!!

    cheers! – Dr Jennifer.

    • Straight-Six


      You sound like quite the collector! I would love to talk further with you about all of this, and perhaps your sharing your views with all our readers in a more structured fashion. The reality is there isn’t anywhere near enough discussion and exchange between what I would loosely call “Western” and “Eastern” watch-lovers. Maybe we can change that…

      If you’re interested, please send a mail with your address to:

      Hope you’ll be in touch.

      All the best,


  • Straight-Six


    In the spirit of openness and dialogue we posted a blend of the two Explorer posts on in their Rolex – Modern forum:

    It generated a rather large number of responses which we have in turn responded to. This said, doesn’t permit posts which link to external websites – much to our disbelief.

    But we here at The Prodigal Guide believe that a full conversation is an open one into which all are welcome, hence the link.

    But if you don’t try really, really hard to guide them back to The Prodigal Guide, well, we’re gonna come looking for you..:))

  • Anon

    Explorer is the worst watch in the line up imho. It’s so plain-jane. It’s simply another black faced watch. Oh and polished center links are awesome. Haters gonna hate.

  • Bidle

    Definitely don’t agree!!

    The new Explorer isn’t in balance at all. Just take one look at the hands!!! They are way too small. The best rolex is the Explorer II with a white dial. It is also the most comfortable watch to wear duo the thinnest case.

    • The Prodigal Fool

      Bidle, dear chap, I have a new Explorer and I can assure you that the hands look absolutely fine. No problems there. Now, the case shape, lugs and bracelet on the other hand…well, to some eyes, they aren’t balanced as successfully as on the previous gen.

      If you haven’t already seen it, I suggest you check out the episode of Talking Hands when we specifically address this whole issue.

      As for your comments about the Explorer II, I can only agree. I think perhaps you hadn’t read our next post when you left your comment. If so, enjoy.

  • Keith

    Dear Fool and Straight,

    I really can’t comprehend all the kerfuffle about the new Explorer’s (214270) hands! As an owner of the 214270, I can say with absolute confidence that any comments regarding the shortness of the hands is utter malarkey. The hands in no way detract from my ability to read time off the watch.

    I had previously posted a comment on your Talking Hands episode of the Explorer, describing my intent to purchase a sober and comfortable wearing watch for Mon – Thur. I am glad to report, Sirs, that I am proper pleased with my acquisition. The watch runs tickity-boo and has exactly the right balance of comfort, size and reserve. Yes, the lugs could be slimmer but that is the only criticism I will offer.

    I have no idea how I ignored the Explorer family for so long. It is now my intention to purchase a Explorer II (16570). Together with my Daytona and Explorer 1 I will have the 3 very comfortable Rolex watches. If I did want to purchase an earlier model of the Explorer 1 for collecting, should I be setting my sights on a 14270 or 114270?


  • Tim

    The Explorer is a true classic and alongside the sub, daytona and datejust always will be. However their attempts to update the range fail spectacularly and are more aimed at fashion market in my opinion. Like they say if it aint broke dont try and fix it! Rolex need to look at a brand such as Jaeger le coultre who make the most elegant watches and whose attempts to update and innovate are always a success – reverso duo, 1931 etc.

  • Lord Hackers

    For years I mulled over which Rolex watch to buy. Afterall, this is a major investment. I have previously settled for a blue/black face Daytona circa 2000 and a 2008 Submariner. The size of these watches seems to suit my wrist better. However, the current trend in garish designs has led me to the much overlooked Explorer. It has all the characteristics of a watch that I look for: brushed stainless steel finish (two tone? no thanks!); black face; simplicity in design and discretion. At 39mm I still think it might be just a little too small but I think I can live with that!

    • The Prodigal Fool

      M’Lord, I salute your exquisite taste. I myself have taken the liberty of purchasing a Explorer from the Rolex watch company. I must say, I love it more each day. Your humble servant, The Fool.

  • Lord Hackers

    Dear PF, one tries one’s best! It’s unfortunate Rolex have taken the position they have done on ‘modern’ designs. What happened to the old adage “if if ain’t broke don’t fix it”?! The 2011 model Explorer is fabulous but what is a little off-putting is the lasered ‘Rolex’ to the inside face. Is this really necessary? My favorite Rolex to date was a 1973 Oysterdate with the light champagne dial. It was too small and a manual wind – but I loved it! Such timeless simplicity! Despite being a diehard Rolex afficionado, I’m now finding myself leaning to other brands such as IWC, Patek etc. I don’t want to do this! Time will tell but I truely hope Rolex will see the light and return to their roots. Yours ever, LH

  • steppxxxz

    I said in my other posting that the new Explorer 2 is a disaster. I think the 39mm Explorer doesnt work either, for complex and sometimes subtle reasons. But it doesnt. I love the previous explorer. Its just pure elegance without being a dress watch. I think only the markxx Breguet aeronavale is as good. I hate IWC watches, they’re all sort of pretend “taste” and I find them mostly just ugly. Omega is a snooze to my mind, and i loathe Audemars Piguet and that yacht culture (or shaq cuture..sic) it appeals to. I mean i wouldnt turn down a dual date to be sure however. But they are just soooo overpriced. Patek is what it is, and Id love one, but again the price is crazy. There are a few german watches, high end, that one cant deny are beautiful, but thats another category altogether. Ulysse Nardin makes a very nice chronogrpah and I want one of those, too….but…. I think the explorer is rolex’s best watch and the ex 2 (until 2011…or whenever the new one comes out) are simply great design, and make a perfect statement.

  • Khairul

    The new Explorer with a case size of 39mm without date window is perfect, don’t touch it anymore. A very close alternative would be the Omega SM Aqua Terra in mid-size 28.5mm for a guy with a wimpy 6.5″ wrist.

    • Straight-Six

      If a wimpy wrist is what you’re stuck with (like me) then I would argue the previous gen. Explorer at 36 mm is perfection incarnate. The 39mm suffers from Rolex-bloat syndrome…

  • Simon Payne

    Hi Straight & Fool,

    First of all, many congrats on a fine website. I really do enjoy reading your posts and check back often to see if there are any updates. The Talking Hands features are pure class.

    I have a dilemma presently and while I appreciate you can’t make the decision for me, I sure would value your input as you have been Rolex admirers and enthusiasts a lot longer then I have. Actually, strictly speaking that’s not true, but I always seem to love the watches that don’t seem to be worth much on the second hand market, and that’s part of my dilemma. The Cellini range for example, love them. That’s because I love classic watches, Roman numerals etc, white or back dials, no date window (or Cyclops as Rolex call it) – just a lovely, simply beautifully designed classic watch, that reflects my taste pretty much.

    That said, I have recently started to broaden my horizons and this has led me to the sports range. I bought my second ever Rolex watch (my first, which I had for only a week, bought in Australia in 1992, was stolen by Aborigines whilst backpacking! True!) in December last year. I had my heart set on the Milgauss white dial version. Really loved it. The second hand was a great feature to my mind and the white face was lush; my only reservation was, like so many post on here it seems, the polished centre links. They just didn’t float my boat. Regardless, off I travelled to the store with the intention of getting that watch. When I got there, I saw a green bezel green dial Submariner which had just come in. It was love it at first sight which amazed me because I didn’t think Submariners did anything for me (big, bulky, date window etc) but would you believe it, I tried it on, loved it and bought it on the spot! That was £5,350 ago! To my absolute delight I can see they are selling for more than that 12 months later on the second-hand market, so its great to know I made the right choice both in terms of what I like wearing, and as an investment.

    This leads me on to my main question, which I am sure you have guessed already. I am now looking at buying a second (or third!) Rolex model. This time round, my heart was set on the new Explorer II. I loved the pictures and couldn’t wait to see it in the flesh. That day came today at my local AD and I am genuinely sad (gutted to me more precise!) to say that I had 2 hopes of getting away with wearing it – Bob Hope, and No Hope! Guys, seriously, this watch is HUGE. OK, I don’t have the biggest wrists in the world but my green Sub looks fine, lovely in fact. I thought (and from what I have read on various forum posts) that the Explorer II at only 2mm larger would be fine, but it really wasn’t. I desperately wanted it to look right because I like the watch so much, but the fit was awful. The AD agreed when I asked for his honest opinion.

    I left the shop on a bit of a downer because like the two of you have mentioned in your other posts, there is not ‘really’ (without a push) a Rolex watch in the current range that I like. I did love the Explorer 1 – the older version, before it updated to 39mm but its difficult to source one of those now. If I could, I think I would buy one, in fact I am sure of it. I am hesitant with the new 39mm Explorer I model, although it just about fits my wrist OK there is something just not right about it. I can’t put my finger on it though. It’s certainly not the length of the hands, I have no problem with that. In fact, my instincts tell me that very fact might make it rather collectable fin the future as I am sure they will update that again soon, so the first models will be the ones to get. This makes me lean towards getting one, but is it the right reason? Do you agree that it might become a collectable model for this reason too?

    I know you both love the older Explorer II and I must admit when I tried that on today it was perfect in every way a watch can be. I really loved it. It was the white dial version I tried. My issue here is that looking at second-hand prices for these across all the websites, and in shops, they just seem to have dropped more than other models, so this tells me from an investment viewpoint it is not a good choice. These recent models go for less than £3000 on some sites and they are £4,500 new. I am not prepared to accept that kind of loss. The answer is to buy that model second-hand, and perhaps I will.

    So then, what is the model I should buy new? It doesn’t have to be a sports model as I like the Datejusts, some of the Air kings (not the recent one’s mind!) and even the Sub non-date is appealing, but I already have a Submariner so it wouldn’t really feel like a different watch to me that one.

    I feel you understand my predicament well enough to pass comment so its over to you guys. Would really appreciate your thoughts on this matter. It’s a tricky one for sure. What are your thoughts on buying the new Explorer II just for an investment? I could live with that, although it would seem a bit weird just looking at a purchase of that amount sitting in a box every day collecting dust! To give you an idea of the size problem, the shoulders of the watch actually extended further than the sides of my wrist! Not good. Well at least I don’t think so. Could I grow into it? I am 42, not much growing left! I know the new trend is for larger watches, but has anyone (particularly Rolex) offered any suggestions on how to wear them and carry it off? I do think this is borderline madness to be honest with you. Mind you, I also know other people have larger wrists than I do, so in their cases I am sure it’s fine. I am jealous of them!

    Cheers to you both and a very happy Christmas indeed. Would of course welcome everyone else’s thoughts too. Looking to buy around February/March. Perhaps I should wait for Baselworld 2012 just to see if something different arrives for me?

    Best wishes,

  • Straight-Six


    That was a post in its own right! But delighted you bothered to take the time to ask us for our opinion.

    Here are my thoughts:

    1. I wouldn’t buy any modern Rolex as an “investment” i.e. it will accrue in value over the years. What buying a Rolex will ensure is a solid resale price should you ever need, or want, to put it on the market. I bought a previous gen., end-of-line Exp II with a 3186 movement because it is unusual, perhaps rare. But mostly, I love my Polar. That should be your guiding light: buy what you love. I also found the new Exp II to be too big and bloated for my wrist.
    2. If you care about investment value, buy vintage pieces. Even then, you’ll need to study carefully before making the jump. And to be clear: Rolex’s current strategy has no place for vintage watches or indeed their own heritage. They want to sell new watches. End of.
    3. I see no reason you can’t buy a previous gen. Exp II or Explorer at whatever price point suits your budget and perception of fair value. And why not take a look at Cellinis on the second-hand market?
    4. Also, you may want to consider other brands outside of Rolex. We adore Jaeger-LeCoultre, are fascinated by Bremont, stunned by Schofield, intrigued by Frederique Constant and Baume & Mercier and….well, you get the picture.

    Good luck, Simon and thanks for popping by!


  • Simon

    Hi Straight,

    Thanks for your prompt response. Went to another dealer today in a different city and tried on a number of Rolex watches; was quite lucky as they had a huge selection in stock. It boiled down to the same watches as previously mentioned. Of those it then came down to the Milgaus or the Explorer I, both of which I like. It was then between the white Milguass or the green saphire one, and this is where my main decision lies as I am 99.9% sure I am going to buy the Milgauss model now. What do you and your esteemed colleague think about the GV model? Do you like the look of it? Do the colours work – the green, orange, white and black – or is it a little too over the top? Is the white rather like the old Explorer II in that it is rather minimalist yet still makes a strong statement? Why do we see so many Milgauss models in shop windows, are they not selling? If not, why not?

    You mentioned other brands but did not mention Omega, is there a reason for this? How about the De Ville models at the same price range?

    A few questions there then!! Hope you are having a good Christmas

    All the best,

    • Drew


      I bought a GV Milgauss last fall and still love it. I don’t understand the snarkiness of the main post; I think it is a very unique-looking watch, with just enough variation to keep it from looking like “just another black-faced watch”, or “just another blingy Rolex”. And it looks fabulous on my arm, but note–as a redhead with ruddy and freckled arms and a fair coat of ‘orange’ hair, green, silver and orange are ‘my colors’, and it does look like it was made just for me. YMMV. :)


  • Dr. Larry Buhrman

    Prodigal Fool,
    I greatly enjoy your Rolex articles although I am often disappointed by some of your condemnations of certain Rolex models. I suspect that many of your remarks may be exaggerated to make a point . They are quite entertaining and thought provoking, and they do elicit some interesting responses from your fans.
    In my personal opinion, watches, like women and guitars, are all beautiful in varying degrees and in different ways. After all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. You wouldn’t want to hear someone say your wife or girlfriend was ugly-would you? LOL.
    There are some guys who take it pretty hard when someone knocks their Chevy truck or Fender guitar, let alone their favorite Rolex. I’m not one of those guys, of course, and I don’t possess a Chevy truck, but in the spirit of looking out for my fellow man, maybe you should go a little easier on the Yacht Masters, Sea Dwellers, and Milgauss models.
    I am fortunate to have a nice collection of watches residing in a bank vault, but I do keep the one that I fancy at the moment is on my wrist. I will make a change from time to time, but the one I happen to be wearing as I type these very words, just happens to my Rolex S.S. and Plat. Yacht Master I.
    I love my wife and my Paul Reed Smith guitar more than my Yacht Master, but you have struck a chord (no pun intended) with your brutal remarks about my watch.
    I don’t know if you have ever actually worn the basic Yacht Master I. I am curious to know.
    Although my Explorer II Rolexes in white and black (original models) and my GMT ll Coke and Pepsi bezel models are extremely comfortable and drop dead gorgeous, after wearing them as well as other Rolex models, particulary the S.S. and gold blue Sub, my favorite watch out of my Rolex collection is the Yacht Master which just barely edges out my Daytona (S.S. and black face).
    The only watch out of this group just mentioned that I found to be absolutely uncomfortable is the Sub. It’s way too heavy for me and doesn’t sit well on my wrist like the others do. I do, however, love the look of the watch and have gotten many compliments on it.
    The original Explorer II and GMT II watches are thin and light and you don’t even know they’re on your wrist. The Yacht Master and Daytona have a little more weight but due to their design, they fit perfectly and feel great.
    Only an absolute moron would knock the Daytona, of course, but both the Yacht Master I and the Milgauss seem to get kicked around a lot. The Yacht Master S.S. and Plat. is not only extremely comfortable, unlike the Subs, but they are understated and elegant, with a similar look as the Sub with a much nicer band. The only nicer band on a Rolex is that of the Daytona. You do pay a premium for the platinum bezel, the nicer band, and a few other things that make it a finer watch than the Sub, but the fit and comfort ultimately make it worth the extra cost and it is the reason that it has been and is presently my constant companion.
    It may be that your criticism is aimed at the Yacht Master II, a watch I don’t possess, and haven’t even tried on, but definitely wouldn’t kick out of bed. LOL.
    The Milgauss is another Rolex that I have worn but don’t own. I almost bought one, but the seller had lost the box and papers. It’s a beautiful and comfortable watch in all three varieties, and the second hand with the lightning bolt is very cool, but a daring and risky choice for a company like Rolex. The green Milgauss dares to be different and I plan to get one some day.
    The Sea Dweller is another remarkable watch for those with the wrist size. I think it just takes the Submariners to the next level, so why bash it? I don’t have one but they are cool for certain men who want a bigger, heavier, more rugged version of a Sub, that is more advanced in terms of depth capability for diving.
    I agree that the new Explorer I is a very nice addition to the Rolex selection and if you don’t need the date or the capability to distinguish night from day or another time zone, it’s less a sports watch, but a little dressier and smaller.
    The new Explorer II is tempting and for those who like a little bigger version of the original Explorer II and want to get back to the orange hand and prefer orange over red, it only takes money!
    Last night my wife and I were out for a little shopping and dinner and happened to pass by a very high end jewelry store. We just peaked into the windows observing many different brands of fine watches. I personally like the Rolexes and Pateks the most, but Breitling, Omega, and even some of the new Cartiers are great watches as well. There are several other even higher end watches that I would love to own, but I’m just not quite willing to go the extra expense, at least, not for now.
    I’m going to keep on wearing my tacky mongrel of a monstrosity Yacht Master. Try one on, better yet wear one for a while. You might want to conceal it under your shirt and jacket when out in public, but who knows, it might just grow on you!

  • Simon Payne

    LOL Larry to you’re post above! But in a good way Larry. Just wondering why you take their comments so personally! I like their humour very much and the input provided is valuable and respected when I make a decision about buying a new watch.

    Ironically, after everything I wrote in my previous posts I actually ended up buying the SS Daytona white dial model. The opportunity came up to purchase one and I didn’t have long to think about it (about 5 minutes actually) so I didn’t! Otherwise I would have walked out with the white dial Milgauss that I have always liked.

    Actually my favourite model in the whole line up is the white dial Daytona on the tobacco leather strap, model number 116518. Just can’t decide whether to buy new or look for second hand. Its amazing that SS models hold their value and in some cases like the Daytona actually increase, yet the more expensive gold models lose value. I still can’t quite grasp that and it makes buying brand new a concern for those very reasons. Oh well. All I know is its a joy to be alive and to have these choices in the first place.

    Have a great weekend.

    My best to one and all!

    Simon, Bath, UK.

    Anyway, back to the discussion…

  • Dr. Larry Buhrman

    Hi Simon,
    Thanks for your response to my comments, and congratulations on your wise purchase of the white dial S.S. Daytona. A couple of months ago I planned to buy a white dial S.S. Daytona with the Zenith movement in mint condition with papers and original box at a very reasonable price, but procrastinated for a couple of days and lost the opportunity. Maybe next time. LOL.
    Like you, I greatly enjoy the commentary of Prodigal Fool and Straight Six. They know watches and I believe they are sincere, informative and entertaining. I was making the case that guys take their toys seriously especially us watch freaks and our Rolexes. LOL.. I have been wearing my Rolex S.S. and platinum bezel Yacht Master I since I bought it a couple of years ago, although I have purchased several other Rolex models in the mean time. I wear them for a few days but ultimately store them in my safety deposit box at the bank and the Yacht Master I goes back on my wrist. I love that watch!
    It is basically a Sub with a platinum bezel insert, a more comfortable shape, and a better band. It has a great movement and it’s understated in that relatively few people recognize it as a Rolex. I especially enjoy it’s beautiful glow in the dark. I can easily read the time without my glasses and appreciate this very cool watch when I wake up in the middle of the night.
    I would like a reply from the Prodigal Fool regarding his comments on the Yacht Master. I think he was referring to the Yacht Master II when he described it as a “monstosity”, since the Yacht Master I so closely resembles the Submariner. I do agree that the Y.M. II is a little too busy, but to label it a “mongrel”! Who am I to judge? My favorite breed of dog is the Golden Doodle! LOL.
    Warmest regards from Washington, D.C.

    • Straight-Six

      Dr. B & Simon,

      It’s been entertaining and relaxing for us to watch you chat about the YM. And while Dr. B awaits the Fool’s response (he’s been known to take months before he wakes up to wade in…), I just wanted to share my take on the matter:

      We were talking about the Yacht Master II, which we simply cannot bear to look at. When it comes to the YM, it’s left us a bit cold, primarily due to the flat silver dial. But the blue dial version launched at Baselworld made me look again. That’s a start as they say.

      You’ve got quite a collection there, and clearly love the brand. So, as they say, different strokes for different folks!

      But we’re delighted you’ve taken the time to weigh in with your thoughts; don’t stop doing so, Dr. B.

      All the best.

  • Dr. Larry Buhrman


    Thanks for your clarification on the Yacht Master. I agree with you on your take of the original Y.M. II, but haven’t as yet taken a close look at the new blue dial version. I love the shade of blue on the classic blue bezel and dial of the original blue Subs.
    Your assessment of the older model Rolexes compared to the new offerings is right on the money. I am happy to know that you and the Fool were not addressing my Y.M. I in the same zero to negative star rating as you have justly given the bigger, bussier, and greatly more expensive II model. But I’m getting the feeling that you and the Fool regard the Y.M. I as irrelevant at best.
    When the Fool gets around to weigh ing in I hope he breaks it to me gently ,but honestly as always , if he would be so kind as to give a detailed analysis, diagnosis, and prognosis (LOL) for my little stainless steel buddy with a platinum crown most likely produced for us middle class boat masters. LOL. So much fun! P.S. I love you guys.
    Dr. B.

  • Dr. Larry Buhrman

    Addendum: Good grief-I’ve done it again! I have described the Y.M. II as being “bussier” than the Y.M. I. What in the world does that mean any way? The word was meant to be “busier”, which even when spelled correctly, may not make any sense to a lot of people. What I mean to say is that the dial of the Y.M. II has a lot going on, maybe a little too much, not unlike the original Explorer II, which may have contributed to it’s early demise.

  • Simon Payne

    Forgot to mention in my previous post that I have always liked the Yacht Master 1, very much actually. I have no idea why people don’t like it. What is there not to like? Yes it does look like a Submariner with very little difference to be honest, but you could also argue vice versa and say the Submariner looks like the Yacht Master! If it were between one or the other, i.e. if Rolex stopped producing one of those models then I would choose the Yacht Master over the Submariner and that’s the truth. So why did I buy the LV Sub in December 2010 then? Because it was cheaper – and, because I needed to save for the Daytona – which I just bought a couple of weeks ago.

    Everyone is now talking about the new blue dial Yacht Master II from Baselworld but I don’t think its anything amazing, certainly not as much as everyone else seems too. Yes its nice, just as the blue dial Datejust II is nice also.

    The Sky-Dweller, now that’s something else! I applaud Rolex for this model and I think it could do well. If I had money to burn then I would buy one but if it was my own hard earned saved up cash then once reaching that figure I know I would buy a Patek instead, definitely. I think this is perhaps the problem Rolex might face with the price of the Sky-Dweller. I hope I am wrong because it is a lovely watch and the complications are very well done, I also like the design, which is bold and risky for Rolex but has my vote all the way. The real test will be to see who buys Rolex and who buys Patek at this level of budget. Good luck to Rolex either way but my own opinion is Rolex will always be Rolex and Patek will always be Patek, you can’t easily tread on someone else’s toes and in this case it wouldn’t work either way round. Audi bring out an R8 which is a superb car but it is not and never will be a Porsche Carrera, and thank goodness because they both have different appeals! Anyway, I feel I may well have reached the point I am trying to make!

    Have a good weekend all,

  • Dr. Larry Buhrman

    Great post! And thanks for liking the Yacht Master I!
    Purchasing the Y.M. I. new is significantly more expensive than the Submariner, but not so right now, at least in America, when bought pre-owned.
    Even though there isn’t a lot of chatter about the Y.M. I on the blogs or even by Rolex it is a super Rolex. It has all the positives of the most popular sport watches, the Submariner, and a few more extras that are worth mentioning. It is a better designed watch in that it has that curve that fits better than the flat base of the Sub. The S.S. and Plat. Y.M. I was revolutionary when it first came out with the maxi dial and an upgrade on the movement. It is unique with an all silver look with the very cool platinum bezel insert in particlar. The stainless steel band is absolutely awesome and once again, another jump up in its design and comfort from its older brother, the Sub.
    I happen to prefer its red second hand over orange or even a traditionally colored second hand. It looks stunning in its constant movement on an otherwise understated and relatively unrecognizable all grey watch.
    If I feel the need to be noticed and complimented I can always replace it on my wrist with my blue S.S. and gold Sub, but I avoid the swap due to the extra weight and less comfortable fit along with the occasional concern when out on the town that it might attract the wrong kind of attention. Yes, maybe better to keep the S.S. and plat. Y.M. I a secret.
    I can’t help but take my eye off the tennis ball when I lift my left hand up to release a toss up for my serve and get a glimpse of my steel and plat glistening in the sun light! It’s stunning! Definitely a different feeling that I get with any other watch in my collection.
    My new S.S. black dial Daytona is a prized possession and a truly awesome watch that should probably share equal time with the Yachty, but somehow mostly spends its time in a lock box. Don’t get me wrong, I love knowing it’s there safe and sound, but it’s funny that I just haven’t felt the need to replace the Yacht Master.
    I haven’t gone scuba diving since the happiest day of my life-selling my cabin cruiser. So I definitely don’t feel the need or have the urge to get too involved with that new blue dial Y.M. II. It’s extremely expensive and heavy in all precious metal. Correct me if I’m wrong, but no S.S. for younger but bigger brother.
    I have a S.S. and gold black dial Thunderbird, a gorgeous Rolex, with a very comfortable jubilee band, but it’s only 36 mms. and maybe just a little bit out of style. I get very tempted to pull out the black and white dial Explorer IIs and the Coke and Pepsi GMT IIs as they are awesome watches in beauty, style and comfort, and I’m so fortunate to have them, but the same old story, I love and treasure them, but, at least for now, I’m having a pretty hot affair (LOL) with my old silver haired lady!
    Funny my wife just walked into our bedroom and asked, “Who are you writing?” I swear to God! I just said, “Oh, nobody you know. I’m just telling them about an affair I’m having with my watch!” I wish I had a photo to show you the expression on her face as she turned around and walked out the door. I must be certifiably off my rocker! I’d better sign off for now, my new but dear Rolex friends, ’cause I got some splainin’ to do! LOL. And yes, the old silver haired lady is my watch. My wife is a blond!

  • Dr. Larry Buhrman

    Hi Simon,
    I hadn’t been aware of the Sky-Dweller until you pointed it out. Good job. At first glance it reminds me of the Yacht-Master II, but even more sophisticated and complicated. I like the new use of the bezel-very cool.
    My take on Rolex and Patek is that they are the two best selling high end watches for several reasons. They have a lot in common as well as a lot of differences.
    The Rolexes seem to be bigger ,tougher ,more sports and tool related for the most part, especially their popular sector of watches, mens’ sports watches.
    Pateks seem to be made more elegantly and perhaps more conservatively with there elegant black tie watches their strong suit.
    Pateks are a jump up in cost as well as prestige for people who have more money to invest in their toys than the Rolex group that has just as much fun and appreciate their watches just as much as they satisfy there needs for a great sports watch that can also fit in nicely in a black tie event, but not quite up there with the more elite Patek group.
    There is something about any and every watch Rolex and Patek puts out that I always admire in some way, where not so with Omega, Tag, and Breitling. They are nice enough, but just seem to miss.
    Once again, back to my obsession with my Rolex Yacht-Master I in S.S. and platinum bezel insert.
    The key to taking the look of the Sub and producing a dressier and classier watch by decreasing the width of the body of the watch by decreasing the depth it can safely submerge took away the round bump of the Sub that just sits perched on the wrist rather than fitting comfortably with a flat base and curved lugs that actually fit the curve of the wrist. It is a matter of form and function which enhances the comfort and fit of the watch, as well as the thinner, more elegant shape, like the Daytona, which is the most popular Rolex Sports Watch if money is no object.
    Although the sub is a great watch and is a legend it is a clunker compared to the Yacht-Master. The blue Sub in S.S. and gold never felt comfortable, actually so heavy and poorly contoured that I don’t enjoy wearing it. I do ,however, sometimes miss the compliments.
    The platinum in the Y.M.I weighs 10 mg. per one source, and is quite expensive, sometimes twice the expense of 18 carat gold. Platinum is much rarer than gold and quite difficult to find. That, for me, make the Y.M. I with that big hunk of beautiful outragiously expensive and rare epitome of all precious metals so cool, even more so the way it glistens in the son superior to any other metal and so durable and indestructible at the same time.
    The Y.M. I has the bigger and better trip-lock crown and improved movement as well as all it has in common with the primo Daytona put this watch in another league altogether.
    My prediction is that this platinum beauty will someday be just as admired and desired as the S.S. Daytona. When the Y.M. I with S.S. and Platinum first came out I believe it was priced higher that the S.S. Daytona, but now the preowned Daytonas sell for around $11,000 to $12,000 and the Y.M. I can be had used in good condition in the $6,000s! I heard some where that the platinum alone is worth $3,000.
    Time will tell!

    • Straight-Six


      Just wanted you to know that I spent a while last night cruising the web for Yacht Master I. And my curiosity was piqued. So, from a position of dismissal I would now actually welcome the opportunity to spend some time with one.

      That’s the positive. On the negative front, I’ve noticed that the end-links are not machined to integrate with the curved lugs, leading to the rather awkward reality of having longer end links than should be the case – pardon the pun! You noticed this too?

      In any case, something had to happen as a result of your rather lengthy eulogy to the piece!! And it did.

      All the best.

  • Dr. Larry Buhrman

    Straight Six,

    You have an amazing eye for detail only matched by your superb wit!
    I pulled Platy off my wrist , carried her to my side of the bed to better see and explore her under the light of the lamp on my end table. I turned her upside down and spread her lovely bracelet apart to give her curves and links a closer look. I couldn’t resist explorring her lugs with the tip of my index finger to confirm what I visualy knew to be true-your case in point! Just as the disappointment of discovering the inadequacy in size of the big toe related to the adjacent toe on the sexy bare foot of an otherwise perfectly beautiful woman, now under close scrutiny to be finally disallusioned and painfully aware that although my fair Platy is a nice tight but comfortable fit and absolutely stunning to behold, that I must somehow reconcile her shiny but unmatching curvacious lugs and end links! LOL. But I still love her!
    Such great fun to be alive and to enjoy and learn from your priceless articles and comments.
    Thank you, Straight Six.


  • Simon Payne

    Hi Larry et al…

    Great last post. Haven’t had the opportunity to sit down and respond until now, and even this one might have to be a bit ‘condensed’ due to Columbo starting on TV in about 5 minutes! LOL. Big Columbo (and Quincy M.E. fan here!) TV just isn’t what it used to be is it?

    I can tell you Larry that every time I pop into a jewellery shop to look at Rolex sports models I am always drawn to the Yacht Master I. This means that it will undoubtedly end up in my collection at some point. I say collection, I have an LV model (green dial green bezel sub) and a recently purchased (about a month ago) white dial SS Daytona. However, the Rolex addiction is well and truly in progress and I am already thinking about my next purchase! The truth is I really like all the sports models, the Milgauss, Sea Dweller and Yacht Master I (in no particular order) being my favourites. I suppose I keep putting off the YM1 because it doesn’t look that different from the sub, whereas I find the others do and I like that. If I hadn’t bought a sub you can be 100% sure I would have bought the YM1. Like I say, I look at it over and over and over and over again!!! Really I do! I am laughing at myself as I type because its like I am trying to make you feel better about buying a YM1 but it really is a great watch! They all are, that’s the problem! Its understated, that’s what does it for me. The same for the Milgauss. I love the absence of the date window and the excellent lightening bolt second hand. Then there’s the Sea Dweller, a watch I never liked ‘that much’ (this means I did like it quite a lot but never for one second believed it would fit me at all) … until I tried it on … and it fitted perfectly!

    Larry, I don’t really know where I am going with all of this! Clearly we are both enthusiasts of the Rolex brand, particularly the sports models and my aim is probably to own at least one example of them all at one point, but this is nothing to do with collectability or how much they ‘may’ increase in price, it is because I genuinely do like them as watches and would enjoy wearing a different one on a different day. They give me pleasure. That’s what life is all about! OK, so its bits of metal stuck together telling the time, but very well done one has to say! Before I got into Rolex watches it was antique golf balls, more recently whiskey and now the watches! You have to have some pleasures in life! I look (and adore) my Rolex watches every day, nobody sees me do it, its all in the privacy of my own home. I have bought a safe to keep them both in – the Daytona permanently and my sub every night before I go to bed. The pleasure I get from putting them in before bed and taking them out in the morning for the day is indescribable! Great! That’s what floats my boat.

    As for the Sky Dweller, well I really like this model a lot actually. I don’t think I would ever purchase it. I suppose after I have bought a third watch I could sell them all and trade in for a Sky Dweller paying the extra etc, but that’s just not me. While I admire the watch very much I have my own personal boundaries about what I would spend on a product, and I would never spend that amount of money on a watch. I think this is perhaps aimed at those with disposal income, and that’s fine, but I wonder if those buyers actually enjoy wearing the watch they buy? Perhaps they do it was just a thought either way. For me, I really adore (as it seems you do) the watches you have, and that’s a great thing.

    Right! That’s enough for the moment! Just sharing my thoughts once again…

    All the very best,

    PS Usually I check my text for spelling mistakes and punctuation etc (bit of a perfectionist) but Columbo has just started so forgive me in advance if I say “toddle ooh!” without checking on this occasion! Take care Larry and enjoy your very beautiful Yacht Master I – a watch that sits beautifully on the wrist in my opinion – actually the best of all the rolex models I found.

  • Dr. Larry Buhrman

    Hi Simon,
    Thank you so very much more your kind and thoughtful remarks. I agree with you 100% . We must be kindred spirits! I am also a bit of a perfectionist, but don’t have spell check when replying on this website.
    It’s smart to keep precious valuables in a safe place. I take it a step further and store ALL my valuables including my beloved Rolexes in various safety deposit boxes in banks or vaults elsewhere. The one I wear, you know the one I mean-LOL-is kept in one of three safes in my home or well hidden somewhere on one of the three stories of my house, or in a vault off the premises, when I take a trip or decide to wear one of about fifty lesser watches I have accumulated over many years. Actually all of those are off the premises now. We have always had live in help and a couple of very nice cleaning people who frequent our home. I found myself unjustly accusing these lovely people (in my mind only, of course) at the very moment I couldn’t find one of my watches, cash, or other jewelry and valuables. So I keep it simple now and stash everything off the premises.
    I have made several new friends as I frequent the various homes away from home of my watches. I actually referred one of the young bankers to the Rolex Forum to get a good deal on a Rolex. The last time I saw him he was ecstatic about his new Datejust II in stainless steel and gold that he purchased for a little over $7000 from one of the Forum members. He had lamented to me previously that he couldn’t find this model for under $12,000 and change.
    Yes, Simon, it is the delightful way the Rolex Yacht-Master I sits so beautifully and comfortably on the wrist that makes a world of difference to me and the main reason I favor it over the Submariners. The platinum bezel is pure platinum (or perhaps only 95%) which is the hardest and most durable of all precious metals, as well as being much rarer than gold. I feel it is far superior to the Sub’s bezel inserts. I’ve banged Platy more than once with no damage whatsoever-she’s as tough as she is gorgeous. She’s perfect for knocking around the yacht (that I don’t have anymore) and for those fancy occasions at the Yacht Club (which I am no longer a member of). LOL.
    I wore a Rolex Milgauss with the green crystal for a couple of days, and I loved it. It also feels great on the wrist and the orange lightning bolt knocks me out! I love it! So daring a move for Rolex! It looks so perfect with the green and orange, the beautiful case and bracelet, and no cyclops. The only reason I returned it was that the seller didn’t have the papers and box. I guess that’s why he was giving me such a good deal on it.
    Then I proceeded to buy a brand new Daytona with a black dial and a mint GMT II with a Coke Bezel insert as well as a Rolex certified brand new Pepsi bezel insert (not the watch-just the bezel insert)from a great guy, a member of the Rolex Forum. So far both watches and the extra bezel insert remained stored in a bank vault-sad in a way, but they remain perfect mint investments.
    I love the Sea Dweller for it’s appearance and tool watch capabilities, but it may be a little big and uncomfortable for me personally. My deep sea diving days are over. I never ventured more than 135 feet down and I used a special diving gauge anyway rather than my Sub which always stayed behind on the boat keeping my wife company. LOL. We bought the boats for cruising the Bahamas and Florida Keys and once our three sons were off to college we sold the money pits! LOL.
    Simon, I think you said that you live in Bath in Great Britain. Our most treasured antique is a beautiful Victorian dining room chest with a magnificent original mirror. The seller got most all his exceptional pieces from Bath. Do you collect antiques as well?
    I have to sign off for now and I must say that I feel quite privelged to be corresponding with you. Please, let’s stay in touch and enjoy your wonderful Rolexes. I’m thinking the Milgauss will be my next one, but like you, as much as I am growing fonder of the Sky Dweller it is definitely too rich for my blood!
    Warmest regards,

  • Adam

    Isn’t this another ” fings ain’t wot they used to be” piece?It’s a watch for Gods sake. I have a Milgauss GV and a GMTc and have also had all manner of Eplorers, Sea Dwellers etc plus numerous watches from other manufacturers over the years. Some days I like them and some I couldn’t care less. They are just watches.

  • Simon Payne

    Well then I would suggest you are not an enthusiast Adam. Larry is, and I certainly am. I don’t know why you would bother buying watches from the Rolex range in the first place to be honest. Neither do I understand why you would follow such a thread? If it was ‘just a watch’ it wouldn’t be worth you’re while posting about would it?

    I love my two Rolex watches for all sorts of reasons, and they make me happy. Happiness is a great way to feel in life.

    Warmest regards,

    • WatchFreak

      I agree with you, I have bought five rolexes so far.

  • Larry Buhrman

    Hi Simon,
    Well said, as always on your part. Adam is most likely a Rolex enthusiast as he has bothered to join us on this Rolex thread, but perhaps he is just a bit cranky. Too bad he didn’t comprehend some of your previous posts. You have clearly stated that you are impressed with the most current of the new Rolex models, the Sky Dweller.
    Yes, we appreciate the old and the brand new when it comes to Rolexes. And although, I too, have acquired models from many diffeent brands of watches over the years, I have grown to appreciate the difference in all Rolex models and view many of my previous non Rolex watches as “just a watch”.
    But you, Simon, and even you, Adam, and I, have been drawn to a Rolex thread and have taken the opportunity to reply. Come on now, Adam, tell us, which Rolex model are you wearing right now? LOL.
    It’s all in good fun. Life is short. Enjoy and appreciate how fortunate you are to have so many fine watches that you have grown to take them for granted, and that we are free to express our opinions, and to make new friends with the same interests.

  • Simon Payne

    LOL!!! Hello again Larry! Seems like this is a thread just between the two of us these days! Seriously though, its good to meet another person in life who simply appreciates nice things and of course appreciates life itself. There are so many people in life who are not happy, I meet them every day and its so disheartening, I can’t help but wonder what ‘would’ make them happy in life.

    I have lost my father to cancer, he was aged only 65 which is so young; two brain tumours. I lost my Uncle to lung cancer around the same time and now only a few years later and my Aunty has been diagnosed with breast cancer and bowel cancer. She is a born again Christian and is the most happiest and grateful soul you could ever meet, honestly. In the midst of everything that is going on for her she remains so grateful to God every minute of every day that she lives. It is so inspirational. I myself am a recovering compulsive gambler (love GA and AA and what they have given me) and a person who lives with Bipolar Disorder, and this ‘can’ (if I let it – to an extent) get me down often. I don’t mind divulging these things in an open forum if it goes some way to helping people realise how much there is in this wonderful world to be grateful for. You are clearly a joyful and positive chap Larry, it sparkles from the depths of your soul when you write. I am too. Its fantastic that we can be grateful for our Rolex watches. And yes, they are ‘only’ watches. They are various bits of metal stuck together, that’s all. Further, they are brought to market by a brand that is arguably the best there is at MARKETING. We are not naive! We know that there are so many other watch brands out there that could out perform our Rolex’s, and many a lot cheaper as well as more costly, but we don’t care … because … WE LOVE WHAT WE HAVE AND THEY GIVE US PLEASURE! Yahoo! A eureka moment! I feel I am walking the path of Plato! At the age of 42 I have finally discovered what happiness is! And no, its not Rolex watches! It’s the pleasure and feelings I give to them and they in return give to me when I talk about them and when I wear them! Hey, you know what? I might start saving for another! LOL!

    Larry… have a GREAT day and keep smiling buddy! Live every moment and make sure your Rolexes are with you!

    Adam… forget the Rolexes, they are unimportant. If you have a partner, why not take them out for dinner tonight and tell them how much you love them? That’s what its all about. By the way, I am having some light hearted fun and offer my comments in good spirt so please don’t take offence as its not my intention. I just want to share my feelings, even if not entirely appropriate on this forum. I was in a dark place for many years and forgot about the wonderful people around me and wonderful moments to be had every day. Sometimes we need to remember them. I was a person who had nothing and now I have everything (wonderful friends and family) AND I have 2 Rolex watches! How great is that?

    My deepest and warmest to all… and a lot of ((((( hugs )))) !!

  • Dr. Larry Buhrman

    Hi Simon,
    I have been away from this site since I posted my last comment. I can’t tell you how much I enjoy your comments and appreciate the wisdom of your remarks.
    Yes, sometimes it takes a degree of suffering to truly appreciate the good things in life-to see a cup half full rather than half empty.
    We have so much more in common than our mutual admiration for the magic Rolex has brought to watch creation.
    As an American I am so thankful for our British brothers and sisters for a multitude of reasons!
    You are a great ambassador for a wonderful nation!
    Hugs across the pond,

  • Simon Payne

    Hi Larry,

    Just wanted to drop a quick line back to say that I have read your last comments and appreciate them very much. I agree we do seem to share a lot in common, not just our passion for Rolex. I like what you say about your ‘British Brothers!’ I have travelled to the USA several times and always has a wonderful time and been warmly welcomed. You’re a great bunch over there! Hugs back to you, be well. Simon.

    • WatchFreak

      Easy Elton John LOL

  • Alan

    I just pony’ed up for a 36mm Explorer (114270). To me, it is the quintessential Rolex – classy, simple and elegant. My small wrists are a perfect fit for the smaller case.

    My next purchase (the addiction begins) will be a GMT 16710; probably a blue/red Pepsi example. Again, it is a classic. The new Rolex offerings are both too dear and too blingy for my tastes. But then, I still think my 2011 BMW 325xi is preferable to the new models – don’t get me started on the turbo 4 in the new 328i. No normally – aspirated straight six in a 3 series? My God, they’ve destroyed a lineage reaching back to the Fokker DR1….

  • Alan

    …make that my 2001 BMW 325xi…

  • Simon

    Hey Alan, the model you just bought is quite possibly my favourite watch in the entire Rolex range. I say quite possibly because since buying my first Rolex sports model I have fallen trap to all the others! When I was in a position to be able to buy my first Rolex I went to the jewellers ready to buy the 36mm Explorer 1, the last one with the updated clasp around mid 2010. They had the last one in stock for me on hold. However, when I got there I ended up buying the green dial green bezel Submariner as one had just come in that day and I really liked it. From then on, I tried on all the other sports models and loved them all, well all of them except for the new Explorer 2, but that’s only because it didn’t look right on my wrist – too big etc – not because I didn’t like it.

    This is the problem with Rolex, it really has become a passion for me now and I truly love all the watches. I bought the Submariner before it went up in price too much and I would not be able to afford it. I was hoping that by the time I was ready to buy the Explorer 1 again it would still be affordable. The outcome was that I couldn’t find one, and neither was it affordable as it once was! Rolex are having two price increases yearly between 7%-10% and have been for the last few years.

    Bizarrely, I ended up buying a SS white dial Daytona, but this was only for investment purposes and sits in my safe doing nothing. Bit of a shame actually because I do think watches should be bought to be worn but there are exceptions where some models make terrific value for money investments so that’s what I did rather than putting the monetary savings elsewhere such as premium bonds or an ISA etc. Not to mention my complete lack of trust in the UK banking system. I would never put more than a few thousand in UK banks now.

    Do enjoy you’re watch. I agree that it probably is the quintessential Rolex sports model. It makes such a statement without making a statement! Superb simplistic design that say’s all it needs to say – brilliant. If I ever find a good enough example of the Explorer 1 it’ll be that or the white dial Milgauss that I buy next. I love them both equally.

    All the best,

  • ua2

    How could your overlook the Air-King? Fantastic piece that still is made in the ‘right’ proportions. 34mm Oyster Perp Date is great too.

  • Gisela

    i love the Explorer too but remember Rolex made over 10 major models and hundreds of variations within those models so to narrow it down to just the explorer is quite a statement. For example if you look at all the models and variations here you will more than likely have more than just one favorite model.

  • Watch Wayne

    The market would disagree? Going by our sales the Explorer II would be the only one I personally wouldn’t buy. Other models, especially Subs are extremely popular and show no sign of changing. As an investment Rolex is still a top bet.