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Just because: Bill Dance Outdoors blooper reel gets us squirming

By on 23 August 2011 in Gadgets

Just because: Bill Dance Outdoors blooper reel gets us squirming
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It was Friday. A heavy, long Friday that had us in its excruciating grasp until the moment someone on Twitter delivered salvation in the form of one of the funniest YouTube clips we’ve come across in months – and that’s saying something given we live on that damned site.

Darren Langeveld (@Ringweekends), who runs a track day company we’re dead keen on trying out when we can tear ourselves away from bloody Spa-Francorchamps, fired this out quite discreetly over Twitter. But it took less than a minute for us to be in tears and, quite literally, falling out of our office chair. And Darren, you ask? Well, he couldn’t see the papers on his desk anymore for the tears.

The cause of all this hysteria amongst grown, supposedly adult, men? A collection of outtakes and bloopers from the longest-running fishing show (we’re not making this shit up) in the good ol’ US of A: the Bill Dance Outdoors show.

This is like watching your friendly uncle (maybe even Uncle Ian…?) slip into the kid’s pool at the family BBQ and getting a cheap laugh at his expense. Except it’s even better because of what comes out of Dance’s mouth. Sure, there’s a swear word, or two. But you ever heard anyone say “Dad gum it!” before? Neither have we.

Don’t dally. Press play.

PS: Big thanks to Darren for making our frigging weekend!


Just because: Bill Dance Outdoors blooper reel gets us squirming

A blooper reel from the Bill Dance Outdoors show has us squirming and barely able to restrain ourselves. The cause? “Dad gum it!” Watch. You’ll understand soon enough.

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