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Talking Hands: The NOMOS Club Automat

By on 4 June 2012 in Watches

Talking Hands: The NOMOS Club Automat
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German, austere, democratically-priced, restrained, stylish, elegant and with in house movements: just a few of the words we find to describe NOMOS in this episode of Talking Hands. Oh, and did we mention that those all surface in the first 60 seconds!? To find out what other words we come up with, you know what to do…

Pour yourself a drink, hit play and join us for Talking Hands.


Talking Hands: The NOMOS Club Automat

German, austere, democratically-priced, restrained, stylish, elegant and with in house movements: just a few of the words we find to describe NOMOS in this episode of Talking Hands. Oh, and did we mention that those all surface in the first 60 seconds!? To find out what other words we come up with, you know what to do…
Pour yourself a drink, hit play and join us for Talking Hands.

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  • Andrew

    I’m so glad you’ve done a Talking Hands on a Nomos watch. I’ve long been impressed by their design, quality, and price. I think my favorite model of theirs is the lovely Orion, which is a pinnacle of of subtle German design. That said, I would complain if a Club Automat happened upon me!


  • Stuart

    Like it.

  • Andrew

    [Edit above post] – I would “not” complain if a Club Automat happened upon me!

  • Tim

    Watching this while wearing my Nomos Club hand-wind, which I love for its reasonable size…. By the way Dunkel=dark – pronounced as “doonkel”. Nomos like to keep things German :)

    • The Prodigal Fool

      What are you insinuating, Tim?

      Are you suggesting that I don’t know my dunkles from my doonkels!?

      • Tim

        Of course not. Not in the case of a man who knows his Sambuca-Cola from his Cotes du Rhone. :)

        BTW, this is quite a nice vid (once you get used to the soft p*rn style soundtrack):

        • The Prodigal Fool

          Get used to it? I thought the soundtrack was the best bit; it brought back so many happy childhood memories…

    • Graham James

      Yes, I agree. For me too it is the Club for its “cheekiness”. Boring? No way. It is called style. By the way here is the official response from Nomos about the name. I think it is very interesting. Hope you do too.In 1990, Roland Schwertner came to Glashütte and founded the company NOMOS. So he was looking for a suitable name and chose the word NOMOS. He simply liked the name. Firstly because of what it actually stands for – “NOMOS” is Greek and means law, fairness and just distribution. Secondly, because Bruce Chatwin wrote about NOMOS in his book “The Songlines” – and Schwertner likes Chatwin a lot. And thirdly, “when you say NOMOS, your mouth forms a beautiful kiss,” as he loves to explain with a twinkle in his eye.

  • Tim

    Hi, couldn’t help commenting again…. Just finished watching the review – really enjoyed it. A few remarks, if I may:

    – To me Nomos feels like one of a few proper watch companies. With so many brands I am never quite sure, if they aren’t just a marketing department (or indeed a guy on a PC in his garden shed) with all the design and manufacturing outsourced. Not so with Nomos and I like that.

    – At least their German-language marketing is really quirky. Limited editions are called after different shades of grey or blue (supposedly the colour of the sky above certain German cities) or wild flowers. In horological terms, this is still a fairly new company and they don’t pretend otherwise. No silly links to watchmakers of yore who have never had anything to do with the company, strenuous connections to aviation (Bremont anyone?) or car races, no celebrity endorsements. It is all about the watch and I like that (recommend the IPad app). It probably also helps to keep prices reasonable. Oh, and no overengineering either but neat little improvements of their movements over time.

    – I am based in Germany and here a lot of people who wear Nomos fall into two camps: one is arty types (architects, someone like a web designer friend of mine). Given the design quality, you can see why. The other one is people who want to show that they care about what they wear etc. but don’t want to be seen as being ostentatious which is frowned upon here quite often. So I would take off my Rolex Sub when I go and see clients and put on my Nomos because I don’t want them to think that they pay for my fancy watch. You’d find quite a lot of lawyers, doctors etc wear Nomos watches even though they could afford much pricier models.

    Don’t want to get too soppy about it all but to me Nomos watches feel very genuine like not many other watch brands do.

  • Tim

    Oh, and one more thing: With Nomos the size of the watch is always determined by the size of the movement. The hand wound watches are therefore smaller than the autos or the auto plus date (the date ring being put around the movement). So no tiny movement put into a case on steroids. And in their brochure and app, they explain why some watches are more expensive than others in a very non-BS way.

    Right, and now I’ll stop. :)

  • Aaron

    I have immense respect for Nomos, and I own three of them, but the Club just doesn’t do it for me aesthetically. It’s a little too utilitarian to the point of being boring. If you want an automatic Nomos with superb design (and no date), I would bypass the Club Automat for a Tangomat at only 200 euro more. The case of the Tangomat is much more angular, so I realize it might not appeal to everybody. On a side note, I find it curious that the price difference between the Club Automat Datum and the Tangomat Datum is over 450 euro…

  • Stephan B.

    Love Nomos! Very happy to see your timely review. I always recommend Nomos to folks with limited budget, looking for something really nice. I feel Nomos watches are sorely under-valued, but I’m glad they are – I”m about to get one for my wife, who approves of this brand over all the other, perhaps over-priced brands I own.

  • Mark McArthur-Christie

    Thoroughly enjoyed the review, chaps. Thank you. As a fully signed-up NOMOS junkie – both because of the watches and their remarkable copywriting – I thought you had it wound tight.

    For me, the Club is the 1016 Explorer of the range. Quiet, understated, functional – but that’s exactly what makes it sing.

    The Club isn’t shouty, but it is made beautifully. Just like a 1016, only a fellow watchie will notice it on your wrist. It has a sort of intrinsic anti-bling. If you’re wearing it, though, the quality is absolutely clear.

    And they *are* robust. Mine gets ragged around on ancient, vibey motorcycles, bashed about on the real tennis court, scraped on bits of engine and generally neglected. Yet it keeps on keeping better-than-COSC time and retains its finish better than almost all my other mechanical watches.

    Despite the attractions of other watches in the box, the Club (and its Tangente Sport pal) get more outings than the rest put together.

    The only problem with NOMOS is that they have a quiet, unassuming, manufacture-crafted way of becoming addictive. I’m wondering how long it would take an old Russian motorcycle & sidecar to clatter from the Cotswolds to Glashütte to pick up more supplies and catch a workshop tour.

    And NOMOS are a serious business; offer me a glass of something decent and I’ll come along and bore your viewers to a blank-stared standstill about how far ahead of the rest of the watch industry their brand is. Perhaps the appeal of that may a little too limited though…

    If you’re dithering about buying a NOMOS, stop it now. Do it. My prediction is they’re a potential cult-brand – but with a backbone.

    • The Prodigal Fool

      Sound advice, Mark, sound advice…

  • Stuart

    You had me. Any potential advertisers reading should know; they had me.

    I checked out Nomos, which has a great watch-browsing website. The democratic prices sucked me in as did the austerity. I thought for that ridiculous money – the base model is 980 euro – why the hell not have one. The home made movement and fancy strap were just too much to resist.

    Alas, my lust was thwarted. They don’t and won’t deliver to the UAE. This is both wrong and frankly, a touch inflexible. Gutted.

  • LA Watch Guy

    The closest I ever felt to any timepiece through a vid. Well done, fellas.

  • Peter D

    Went to Wempe London yesterday, looked at all the Nomos models and was astonished by the build quality and design, i chose the Club datum (not dunkel) manual wind (for me, Nomos means mechanical – adds to the joy).The other models almost looked too parred down, too clinical whereas the club has a hint of cheeky fun about it mixed with dress watch style. With 100m WR and a slightly chunkier case its THE sports Nomos. Everyone in the store seemed to want some vulgar variety of Rolex day date; i felt sorry for them for walking past the better things in life.

    • The Prodigal Fool

      Well said, Peter. Well said.

  • Mitch

    Such beautiful watches. ‘Six’ really had to stretch it to find something negative to say about them. The gap between strap and case is too wide? The gorgeous Horween Shell Cordovan leather is too shiny? The restrained style is TOO restrained? Seriously?? C’mon guys, admit it! There is nothing bad to say about these watches. Making stuff up for the sake of having something negative to say doesn’t help one’s credibility as a serious watch reviewer. Sure, everyone is entitled to their opinion, but I don’t think for a second that ‘Six’ actually believes what he was saying. An honest opinion is one thing. That I can respect. But just making sh*t up is another….and that, gentlemen, is MY honest opinion.

    • Straight-Six


      I surely talk a lot of shit, and even get paid to do so. But I’m deadly serious about watches. No shit there…

  • Matt

    we seldom find any person of good sense, except those who share our opinions.

  • yellow river

    Thank you for great review and video. I had a great time, you are so funny.
    So, welcome in Nomos Club.
    I just got mine Club today but hand wind 36mm version , the simpliest watch you can get in Nomos but it’s so beautiful folks!
    First: it’s so amazing how it was packed,with little postcard with greetings from someone in Nomos, everywhere hand writing etc. Nice job!
    What to say… Amazing quality of everything! Watch is simply outstanding and all I can say that it is worth every penny, manual Nomos it’s really not that expensive though.
    I was looking for a watch for such a long time but didn’t want to spend a fortune and be a snob with popular luxus poluxus brand, who cares anyway? Luxus is not a luxus any longer; only good taste is a real luxus now.
    Nomos has ingenious taste, interseting realtion with Bauhaus tradition, great movements and at the end surpirse – wallet doesn’t matter “that much” as in other sellers, and you’re happy.
    Best wishes for all of you!
    PS: One word about gaps between lugs and strap. I just love it. It is a module and part of project, this space is like a modul of thickness and depth of the watch. This gap is really needed so the whole case is properly displayed on hand. It’s easy to see guys! Even the crown is exactly the module-size like this gap between lug / case – strap. It is very very good project.
    Take care!

  • Alex647

    I have a question about the strap lengths. On the NOMOS website they list the sizes as S,M & L. I have rather small wrists and was wondering how long the small size is before I make a purchase. :D

    • The Prodigal Fool

      Can’t help you there, I’m afraid. The NOMOS has long since been returned and I don’t recall what strap size we had. Drop NOMOS a line though; their customer service is very good, I’m sure they can help you.

  • alexis

    well I am too ready to purchase a club. But because I can’t find a store in my country to see the watches how they look in my wrist I must order from their site, and I can’t decide about the dial. I want a good sport watch. I like very much the colours of the white club, but I like also the luminova dial of the Dunkel and the sapphire back. I find also the dark dial more sport but maybe the white has more sophisticated colours.
    if the white had luminova dial then I would had no doubt which to order..
    any opinions? or even better some photos of the dunkel and the white in your wrist??
    By the way my face colours are light.