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Unscrew and pop: Schofield strap kit

By on 24 July 2012 in Watches

Unscrew and pop: Schofield strap kit
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We can be cruel with the watch brands we love, Rolex being the perfect example given the number of posts we’ve written about its brilliant vintage offerings and, uh, not-so brilliant current line-up. Point is, we care enough to pipe up when things are heading the wrong way.

So, it’s significantly harder to render a pompous opinion when a new brand enters the asylum willingly, as was the case with the Schofield Watch Company, the immaculately conceived love-child of one Giles Ellis. Here was a singular vision, coherently and brilliantly executed delivering a minimalist and potent design that we think will endure the test of time. And fickle watch buyers everywhere.

After much deliberation, Straight-Six listened to his heart and ordered no. 24 of the limited run of 300 Signalman GMT PR. While the Fool admired Six’s chutzpah, he just couldn’t condone the purchase for all the logical reasons: brand longevity; boutique nature of the offering; and a design that the Fool has described as too “left-field”.

Much of this debate centres around our long-held belief that as you progress down the path of watch collecting and loving you simply cannot justify looking “down” the price and collectible brand ladder. You must look up, right? Truth is, this is fascism plain and simple, inevitably confining you to the (delightful) worlds of vintage Rolex, Patek Philippe and Panerai, if you want to be brutal about the top tier of the market.

But where the hell is the joy in that? And this is exactly what Schofield reminded Six of with his sensibly priced, gorgeously designed and exclusive Signalman. As if to rub it in, Schofield recently launched its strap kit, a must have for any Signalman owner – present or future.

Totally aligned with Ellis’ focus on the active gent, the Moon Mills Tweed strap kit is a collaboration with Cro’ Jack and is positively infused with all the cheek and dashing the brand has displayed from the start. Seriously, what other brands offer accessories that are this well thought, and turned, out? This is the kind of vision and delivery so many continue to fail to provide. We have to call it as we see it, folks.

A full review will come in due course, as we’re still awaiting the arrival of the Signalman GMT PR at Prodigal Towers. However, the Schofield strap kit is just too tasty for us to keep it entirely to ourselves until then.


Unscrew and pop: Schofield strap kit

Schofield did something quite exceptional: it managed to get Straight-Six to slap down cash on a boutique, totally unknown watch brand. What Six wasn’t expecting was the cheek and brilliance of the strap kit that accompanies the Signalman GMT PR.

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Straight-Six had a proper job as a journalist for Dow Jones before lowering himself gently into the warm, forgiving waters of The Guide. He’s our resident fanatic: he relished detailing his BMW M3 for two full days at a time before crashing it at Eau Rouge in the wet; he spends insane amounts on his home-cinema system and has thrown tens of thousands of euros at vintage Rolex sports watches. The little fool simply does not understand the concept of restraint or the meaning of excess. He also – following a legendary "heavy" lunch – once nibbled (yes, like little dogs do) a dear lady friend of ours.

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  • H-Bomb

    Thanks for posting: this makes me feel more justified in my purchase and slightly tempted to hand over more dosh to Mr Ellis.

  • cal

    Are all UK watch brands headed by a Giles?

    • The Prodigal Fool


  • cal

    When does the OVM strap collection review get posted?