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SalonQP: Just one month to go (and you could be our guest)

By on 8 October 2012 in Watches

SalonQP: Just one month to go (and you could be our guest)
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More intimate than Baselworld, more laid-back than SIHH, SalonQP has something essentially British about it. It’s charming, accessible and unpretentious in a way that the other watch events simply aren’t. And it has put London firmly on the map of unmissable watch events. SalonQP 2011 was great fun and culminated in Ronnie Wood showing us his huge clock.

Now in its fourth year, SalonQP will open its doors again at the Saatchi Gallery exactly one month from today: 8 November 2012.

Watch collectors, respected commentators, industry insiders and, eh, The Prodigal Guide will gather to touch, feel and occasionally lick; to consider, discuss and occasionally fight about nearly 1,000 pieces from the world’s leading brands. Some of the many highlights include:

  • Widely considered best in show at SIHH – and we’ve already brought you an in-depth look at it – Jaeger-LeCoultre’s Sphérotourbillon is sure to draw crowds at SalonQP. Part of the brand’s Duomètre line, it employs a ‘dual-wing’ design using two separate power sources – one for timekeeping and one for regulation/complication. Precision is paramount for this rightly popular piece with die-hard chrono-heads the world over.
  • A UK launch exclusive, TAG Heuer will present the MikrotourbillonS at SalonQP. CEO Jean-Christophe Babin justly boasts, “We set a new record for a mechanical chronograph with the Mikrograph. For the first time ever we’ve combined the ultimate precision of 1/100th of a second with the ultimate accuracy that only a tourbillon can guarantee.”
  • In another exclusive, SalonQP will be the first opportunity for fans of the eternally future-looking Urwerk house to experience their jaw-dropping new UR-210 ‘in the metal’. With previous design inspiration ranging from the Apollo Space Programme to Duchamp, this latest model is sure to challenge and engage. Details are still strictly embargoed for this remarkable piece but suffice to say, it will knock your cogs off.
  • Having previously exhibited the exquisite Opus 9 at the inaugural SalonQP in 2009, Harry Winston return this year with the newest edition to the series, the Opus 12. Continuing the Opus tradition of working with only the most extraordinary craftsmen, this piece was designed in collaboration with Emmanuel Bouchet. Daring to be very different, this masterpiece features no hour or minute hand.
  • The preview screening of the film The Watchmaker’s Apprentice: the documentary traces the extraordinary horological work of Dr. George Daniels CBE and his protégé Roger W. Smith, and the fascinating relationship between two of the most renowned watchmakers of our time.

If you like watches even half as much as we do, by now you’re already salivating. But wait, there’s more.

In many ways the best time to visit SalonQP is for the VIP Reception on opening night. The Champagne flows, everyone turns out looking sensational and there’s a hugely convivial atmosphere. In short, it’s a cracking cocktail party with the added benefit of being surrounded by hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of watches. Our kind of party in other words. And it could be your kind of party too.

Be our guest

We’re offering free tickets to Thursday night’s SalonQP VIP Reception (they normally sell for £100 each) to two lucky Prodigal Guide readers. And winning them couldn’t be easier: just leave a comment below explaining what you’re most looking forward to at SalonQP and why. We’ll select the best two answers in two weeks’ time and announce the winners.

Good luck.

To find out more about one of the very best watch events on the planet, visit the SalonQP website and follow SalonQP on Twitter.

Oh, and as if two free tickets to the world’s coolest watch show wasn’t enough to entice you to take part in our little competition, our friends at Jaeger-LeCoultre have stepped in to up the ante still further. Not only will our lucky winners receive access to Thursday night’s VIP Reception but they’ll also be given a place on Jaeger-LeCoultre’s Watchmaking Master Class, to be held on the Friday evening.

The Master Class will be hosted by Jaeger-LeCoultre’s most experienced watchmaker in the UK, and each guest will experience the exceptional opportunity to delve into the know-how of real watch making. Participants will don the white coat of a watchmaker to test their dexterity and understanding of the workings of a real watch, with the Jaeger-LeCoultre Calibre 751.

From the smallest pinion to the largest barrel, learn to assemble the main spring, responsible for powering the train wheels, through to the escapement, or “heart: of the watch, which regulates the energy to the balance.

Working with these minute components, under the guidance of the watchmakers of the Manufacture, will highlight many key aspects of true savoir-faire in fine watchmaking today.


SalonQP: Just one month to go (and you could be our guest)

Now in its fourth year, SalonQP will open its doors again at the Saatchi Gallery exactly one month from today: 8 November 2012. We’re offering free tickets to Thursday night’s SalonQP VIP Reception (they normally sell for £100 each) to two lucky Prodigal Guide readers.

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  • Helbert Tsang

    I’m very interested in the British watch industry and especially our favourite home brand Bremont and its manufactured in UK watches. So I’m particularly intrigued to see if Bremont will unveil any new pieces at SalonQP this year.

  • Adrian Borrallo

    For years I had been searching for the “one” watch that would instantly distinguish itself from all the rest. An original watch I would never get bored of. That happened last year at Salon QP with the Schofield Signalman GMT. This was my first important purchase and I am looking forward to the second.

  • Jean

    Why would I be grateful for tickets to SalonQP? I could mention my love of British cuisine and my distinct affectation for all things that tick with a Swiss accent but that would be novel at best and most likely highly cliché. I could mention my absolute appreciation for this landmark event and what it does for horology for both the consumer and the industry, but honestly I can’t think of anything clever to add and saying anything at all would just be made up on my part.
    Quite simply, I wish to go to SalonQP to gawk at lovely time pieces, share a drink or several with a bunch of cool folks who share in the same affliction… Err affection for watch collecting as I do.

  • I ///M Super Swede. (@F1SuperSwede)

    I want them simply because of the opportunity to party with the Prodigal Crew!

  • Sérgio

    Well, Baselworld is not public-friendly and SIHH is not public in any way. There was an event a few years back in Geneva called The Watches Day, basically a shed in the middle of town with 20 brands exhibiting inside. But there I got to speak directly with the people I wanted (Jean Marc Wiederrecht, Alain Silberstein,…), no barriers in-between. Just chaps talking about watches.
    If that’s the sort of intimacy you get at Salon QP, then that’s what I look forward to.

  • Angus Tilbury

    To be a small part of what will be the biggest watch event in this country, meet like-minded people share a drink and talk all things mechanical.

  • Scott Johnson

    George Daniels Watch Making Apprentice..

    • adrianjcole

      Wish his old cars could make an appearance….

  • Sophie Ellis

    Because I want to work in the watch industry so badly, that I sometimes worry, its got to the stage, that, my pulse sounds like a tick…

  • Rich Murley

    Oooof, it’s my 40th Birthday, I have a Bremont and will be in London that week and it would be great to go!

  • Mark McArthur-Christie

    Because, chaps, you need someone to help drink your champagne. And because the ’64 gilt-dial 1016 needs a proper outing.

  • Stephen McLaughlin

    S imply
    L over
    O f
    N otional
    Q uintessential
    P rodigal

  • Mark McArthur-Christie

    And, after all, who else is going to turn up at Salon with a Russian motorcycle combination?

  • Chris Cotter

    I would love to visit Salon QP as I’m relatively new to the industry and want to learn as much as possible. I feel Salon QP would be a fantastic opportunity for me to broaden my knowledge base and be introduced to brands which you don’t see every day in the mainstream.

  • Henry Yorke

    Because one night at QP simply isn’t sufficient to enjoy all the wonders on show…

  • Gr8kzoo

    Because I’m pretty sure I’ll be the only one capable of saying Sphérotourbillon after 6 glasses of Champers and maybe a Laphroaig Quarter Cask, or 5.

  • Clovis

    As the very happy owner of a Schofield DLC, me and my credit card are very keen to catch up with what they’re up to now.

  • The Prodigal Fool

    Thanks to all of you for entering our SalonQP competition. We’ll be selecting two winners tomorrow (22 October) and emailing them to let them know.

    Roll on the 8th of November!