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Talking Hands: Live from SalonQP 2013

By on 28 November 2013 in Watches

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Talking Hands is back. And how.

Recorded live earlier this month at the greatest watch show on the planet, SalonQP, this is the longest episode we’ve ever brought you. But we think the length is justified as we cover not one but six watches. Somewhere between drinking as much of SalonQP’s Champagne as we possibly could and fumbling around outside bumming cigarettes off unsuspecting guests, Six and I managed to find time during the Thursday night opening party to scout the halls of the show for our favourite pieces. The following night, we returned to the Saatchi Gallery armed with three each, to do battle in the ultimate showdown – with our live audience the adjudicators.

You know what to do: pour yourself a drink, hit play and join us for Talking Hands…


Talking Hands: Live from SalonQP 2013

Recorded live at the greatest watch show on the planet, SalonQP, we cover not one but six awesome watches in the latest episode of Talking Hands.

Photos © 2013 Prodigal Communications Ltd

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Our editor-in-chief, the self-proclaimed "greatest wit, raconteur and bon vivant of our age", borders on delusional. Over the years, the fool has squandered more money on fast cars, Swiss watches and electronic gadgetry of all kinds than he – or Mrs Fool – cares to remember. Come nightfall, he can invariably be found stumbling out of Dukes mumbling “just one more Martini; I could have handled just one mmmmm… [thud!]”

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  • James Pollock

    Great as always!

    • The Prodigal Fool

      Thanks, James. Really appreciate hearing that.

  • Inline-5

    Fantastic job gentlemen! I have to say the highlight for me was the lambda. The design is simply stunning. I do however agree with the Fool’s value argument. I suppose this will allow them to test the waters with a limited run. Surprised not to see a Rolex up there…..

    • The Prodigal Fool

      Two reasons why you didn’t see a Rolex up there: 1) They don’t exhibit at SalonQP and 2) they haven’t made anything nice for many a year.

  • Matthew Aylmer

    absolutely brilliant. Well done. The concept really works in front of a live audience. It has been too long…. not too convinced about your choice of beverage, or the Fool’s overcomplicated monstrosities, but Straight…. I couldn’t have chosen much better myself.

    • The Prodigal Fool

      Thanks, Matt.

      Those “overcomplicated monstrosities” are some of the cleverest watches on the market. Chin chin!