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The Prodigal Guide is an online luxury lifestyle magazine with a genuinely unique voice.

We do our damndest to publish clever, erudite and – most of all – opinionated content about the things we love. To maintain our editorial independence we rely on the support of patrons with whom we aim to forge the closest of working relationships for the benefit of our common audience.

You could be one of them.


How would you benefit from working with The Prodigal Guide? It’s simple:

  • You’ll reach the right audience: The Prodigal Guide generates more than 100,000 page views per month and we’re growing consistently by 10% every month. (For more detailed traffic stats please visit our publisher’s site: Prodigal Communications.) We have a global audience of fans of the high-life. Our readers aspire to the best, are already attracted to luxury brands and enjoy clever, sophisticated content.
  • They’ll get your message: We don’t think that traditional online ads are the most effective way to reach your audience. People subconsciously tune them out.  We much prefer to work with our patrons to develop co-created content that our readers will actually read and enjoy. That means choosing our patrons carefully, treating them like partners not advertisers, and – together – agreeing the best way to put the spotlight on their brand or products. It’s more work that way but it’s worth it for you, for the site and for our readers.
  • You’ll sound hugely credible: We have a reputation for being opinionated, self-deprecating and irreverent. But we take the business of being silly deadly seriously. While all too many online publications limit themselves to regurgitating press releases, the Prodigal team speaks its mind with humour and informed fairness. We always check our facts. We believe that this plays a huge part in our impressive traffic growth and the kudos we’ve gained from readers and industry commentators alike.
  • You’ll do so with appropriate style: Beyond strong opinions, we also put an unusual effort into the aesthetics and usability of our site – as well as our writing style. Our aim is simple yet ambitious: to be the benchmark in online luxury publishing. As a result, we believe that we have an attitude and style that is unique and a perfect fit for forward-thinking, aspirational brands.


If this sounds like the right fit for your brand, please contact us for a discussion about how we can meet your specific marketing objectives. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.